J runs so fast she bursts in to a million tiny pieces, her atoms unknitting themselves and spreading across the universe. Blair stands on a broken pier with a glass of white wine in one hand and a pint of Guinness in the other, looking up at the stars.


Following folk-hit hit ‘Beulah’ (***** The Scotsman) and BABYLON (‘Ruddy gorgeous’ The Guardian) we return with a tale of freedom, immortality and planting trees for those who come after us. A show wound from spoken word, storytelling, soaring live music and good, honest heart and soul. 


Fable has performed at:

     Latitude Festival 2015

     Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2015

     Soho Playhouse, New York, USA, 2015

     Highland Tour, Scotland 2015

     Vault Festival, London 2016

     Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia, 2016

     Greenwich Theatre, London, 2016


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