this story is for you

a bespoke book

a new, original story - with a series of guest artists



So far, we’ve written stories to be performed. Now we’ve written a story to be read. 

It’s a simple story, a story about how your world changes whilst the rest of the world carries on turning. You can buy it and we’ll send it to you. But there’s more than that. You can buy the basic version but we have also partnered with a handful of guest artists who will create a bespoke illustrated version of the story for you.

Phil will also create a soundtrack for the story, for you to listen to whilst you read.

Whichever version you chose, it will be yours - you'll read it where you read it, in whatever form you chose, when you want to. And that will be yours.


The story is written by Alex - you can buy that for £7 including posting and packaging. You’ll get a neatly printed story. We’ve teamed up with the following people for the bespoke versions…

Lydia Denno, Casey Jay Andrews, Cornelius Geaney Jnr and Naail Ishaq