the odyssey

An international adventure

An adaptation across cities across the world 



A series of one on one encounters across the world.

We are partnering with out friends in York, London, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Amsterdam, Wellington and New York to retell The Odyssey is a series of one on one encounters, across those cities, with storytellers and musicians. Performed across August each city will play host to part of the epic myth, brought bang up to date. You will be given a place and time to meet. A performer will arrive with you for that segment of the narrative - a unique encounter. You will then be able to chose to continue your adventure, or not, by booking again.

In 2016 we wondered whether to do a version of Orpheus or The Odyssey. Now, four years later, we’re creating The Odyssey with all our pals along the places that our Orpheus journey has taken us.


Tickets for The Odyssey, and performance details with all our partners, will go on sale in July.