a Hyper local tour.

We're coming to you, in North Yorkshire 


Orpheus is performed by Alex and Phil. It’s a modern reworking of an ancient myth told through searing spoken word and soaring soul music. They’ve performed the show over 300 times around the world, it’s won some wonderful awards, had some amazing reviews and played in some incredible places to thousands of absolutely brilliant people.

Alex and Phil live in rural North Yorkshire. The show is Alex stood talking and Phil stood playing the guitar and singing. They can stand 2m apart from each other. They reckon they can drive somewhere (in separate cars) and stand outside someone’s house (on the pavement, in the front garden, in the street) perform the show (it’s 1hr20min) and drive home again before they need a wee.

So, we will be touring Orpheus, hyper local, anywhere up to a 2 hour drive from our home town of York. If you live within the county, we can come to you. It’ll cost you at least £90. If you can pay more, we’d absolutely love you to pay more - it’ll help us out no end, especially if you live further away. We will perform for you window, for your cul de sac, for your street. We will need you to make all the socially distant arrangements for your household. We’ll turn up, say hello, do the show, say ta-ra and pootle off again.

North Yorkshire, you’re own home turf and we love you. So we’ll be back on our local roads in June and July.