Half Man

half bull

a story in two albums

created  with streatham space project  



This is a brand new piece of work - a retelling of an ancient myth full of minotaurs, labyrinths, feathered wings and falling in to the sea. We are turning those stories in to a double album - two records designed to be listened to together and apart. Strung together with spoken word and heaps of music, these two albums will tell two interwoven stories designed to be listened to.

Created with Oliver Tilney, this is a very special collaboration for a brand new mythic adaptation.

Theseus is heading out of the voyage of lifetime, wearing is brand new toga. Daedelus is in the back bar of a boozer a year on from when Icarus fell.


Made with our pals at Streatham Space Project, one of favourite theatres in the world, Half Man / Half Bull will be released in September. You’ll be able to buy this on double vinyl, CD or digital download, all with accompanying artwork.